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2014 Memorial Day Web Hosting Promotions & Sales

As thousands of web hosts are planning to increase sales on the upcoming holiday, the leading web hosting review site HostingJury.com has introduced some of the best 2014 Memorial Day web hosting promotions and sales with more than 50% discounts and hundreds of US dollars’ worth of extras to help people purchase cost-effective web hosting [...]

3 Best Enterprise Dedicated Servers

When it comes to Best Enterprise Dedicated Server, I recommended the 3 best ones based on my 10 years experiences with dedicated server – 100tb, singlehop and serverpronto.

100TB Server Review

100TB is part of the UK2 Group, which owns and operates several online web hosting companies includes WestHost, AnHosting, midPhase, VPS.NET, UK2.NET, etc.

Affiliate Marketing: How to Choose a Profitable Niche Market

Before you start your career in affiliate marketing, you need to choose a profitable niche market. The key to building a successful online business is to choose the right market segment and then have all your efforts in marketing and advertising targeting it. In choosing a niche market to target, here are some of the [...]

Affiliate Blogging: Top 5 WordPress Plug-ins for Social Engagement

As an affiliate marketer, you know that you have to turn your visitors into your loyal followers if you want to start selling. You can do that by (1) giving them valuable content, (2) entertaining and answering their inquiries, (3) convincing them that you are trustworthy and credible, and (4) keeping them engaged in your [...]

Email Marketing: Writing Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened – Part 2

PART 1 of EMAIL MARKETING TIPS – WRITING SUBJECT LINES  Tip No. 5: Include a number or a question Headlines with numbers do well in attracting traffic and according to experts in email marketing, most people also love email subject lines that indicate quantity. This is perhaps because numbers usually imply easily digestible content like [...]

Email Marketing: Writing Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened – Part 1

Tip No. 1: Eliminate spammy words The first rule in writing email subject lines for your affiliate marketing campaign is to dodge the spam blockers. Eliminate all those words or phrases that will get your mail filtered and be labeled as spam. Here are some of them: Free                            Buy now                    Cash 50% off!                    Click Here                 [...]

Affiliate Marketing: 10 Content Ideas for Multiple Product Promotion

A good affiliate marketer knows that he won’t be able to drive traffic to his site and sell anything if he doesn’t offer interesting content to his readers and potential customers – on a regular basis. That being said, if you want to effectively sell stuff through your blog or your website, you have to [...]

Effective Ways to Boost Your Amazon Affiliates Income (Part 3): 3 Practical Ways to Increase Your Site’s Click-Through Rate

Tip #1: Make Posts that will Prompt People to Visit Amazon What’s nice about promoting products through Amazon Affliates is the fact that Amazon is such a great site. People are very familiar with Amazon and it is among the most trusted shopping sites in the world. Amazon is also very good, marketing-wise, it is [...]

Effective Ways to Boost Your Amazon Affiliates Income (Part 2): 3 Ways to Catch a Buyer’s Attention

Tip #1: Write Content for the Buying Readers When creating your content for your affiliate blog, remember your goal – to attract and prompt buying readers to actually visit Amazon and purchase something. That being said, make sure you have articles that are relevant to buying the niche products you are promoting. For example, if [...]

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